Monthly Seminars

Movie Night: Animal Farm

We resumed our monthly movie nights on Sunday 16 October by showing 'Animal Farm'. Our well-attended movie was followed by a discussion on revolution, and how a revolution can be successful, and how to gauge the success of a revolution.


Remembering Srebrenica: Women Who Refuse to Die

A very dynamic discussion at our Remembering Srebrenica film viewing of 'Women Who Refuse to Die', on 24th July, about how letting hate, such as Islamophobia, go unchecked can lead to genocide.


Seminar: Education in the UK

We hosted a seminar on 25 April titled 'Education in the UK', presented by community volunteers Ms. Iram Hussain and Ms. Hayley Poulson.


March Monthly Seminar: The Awareness Crisis in the Syrian Revolution

Our March monthly seminar was delivered on Sunday 27 March by Mr. Wael Hamdoosh titled 'The Awareness Crisis in the Syrian Revolution'. This seminar focused on the issue of plurality and how the diversity of identities and viewpoints strengthens a nation. The seminar also touched on topics of tyranny, ignorance, fear, and special interests.


Monthly Seminar: How to Make our Voices Heard

Our monthly seminar for February 2016 was titled 'How to Make our Voices Heard' and was delivered by our Advocacy Coordinator Yasmine Nahlawi. Yasmine went through a number of cases which illustrated how collective and effective action works in reality, highlighting that advocacy and lobbying needs to be planned, organised, and persistent.