Monthly Seminars

Monthly Seminar on Syrian Identity

Syrian identity

We held our monthly seminar on Sunday 01 Oct 2017 in which we discussed the open question: Are we still Syrians?
The open-platform discussion took place in our multi-facility room. No speakers were present and the floor was open to everyone to express their opinions.
Questions asked included:
- What do I mean when I say I am Syrian?


Seminar: Change of the Employment of Energy Resources and its Implications

We held a seminar on Sunday 9th July about the change of the employment of energy resources in the global economy and its implications in the Arab world. Dr. Firas Miro spoke about the great change in the employment of energy resources in the West over the past two decades and how this has affected the political and economic situation in the Middle East.


My story with the Syrian revolution

Our monthly seminar, titled 'My story with the Syrian revolution', was delivered on 29th January 2017 by Dr Yaser Aleiti. This seminar was via Skype from Istanbul, in which Dr Aleiti told his story with the Syrian regime and why he was politically motivated before the revolution and why he was detained by the Syrian regime in 2007.