Protecting Children from Harm

Rethink Rebuild Society hosted a seminar about supporting families and children in need on Wednesday 17th January. The first talk discussed how families can access support via Early Help and what families can expect from such support. Then the second talk covered the legal framework of Child in Need and Child Protection referencing the Children Act 1989 leading on to the role of Children's Services in providing support for families in need, and the role of children's services in child protection. The talk explained what "significant harm" means, which would lead to assessment by children's services.
Both talks were interpreted to Arabic and the attendees were given the chance at the end to ask questions.
Phil Bushell, Social Worker: Qualified as a social worker in 2010, working in the area of family support and child protection, with 5 years of family support work prior to this.
Ragnhild Steinshamn, Early Help Coordinator: Moved to England from Norway 18 years ago, and have worked for Manchester City Council since 2001. This has been in various roles, but they all has been around helping childcare and education settings improving their support to families as well as supporting development of partnership working amongst services.