Storytelling & Social Gathering 4 Ladies

On Fri 11 November, we hosted a social gathering for ladies at our center. The purpose was to encourage ladies to talk about any experience they went through and share it with the audience with the lesson learned. It was a good opportunity for ladies to connect in a friendly and informal manner and to relate to each other and support each other in their different journeys.


Celebrating the Academic Success of Syrian Undergraduates in the UK

It was a great evening celebrating the academic achievements of undergraduate Syrian students who graduated in 2022 from different universities with different degree in the UK. The event took place in our centre on Sunday 16 October.
We are proud of Syrian students' success, and we wish them all the best in their academic and career endeavours.


Seeking Asylum & Mental Health: Book Launch at RR

Yesterday, we hosted the book launch of “Seeking Asylum and Mental Health: A Practical Guide for Professionals”. It was more than a book launch as we had the opportunity to hear from editors and authors of the book about the fascinating work they do. We also heard from people talking about their lived experience whilst seeking asylum and needing mental health care.