The Role of Religion in the Syrian Scene

Rethink Rebuild Society invited Dr. Ahmed Khairi Alomari on the 10th of December 2017 to speak to a Syrian audience over Skype on the topic of the role of religion in the Syrian scene. Those attending from the Syrian diaspora constructively engaged with Dr. Alomari on issues such as the misuse of religious discourses, the significance of stances taken by symbolic religious figures, and the sectarian dynamics of Syria's specific context.

Dr. Alomari is an Iraqi writer and dentist, born in Baghdad in 1970. He became renowned for his Islamic writings through combining an enlightening approach of advancing topics with a distinct literary writing style. He was chosen as the recognised intellectual figure of the year in 2010 by 'Dar el-Fekr' at an annual event. Him famous works include 'The Quranic Compass', 'Regaining Omar', 'False Paradise and Restored Paradise', and 'Chemistry of Prayer', in addition to a set of visual series such as 'Not Sorry for Distrurbing' and 'Anti-Atheism'.

This event follows a series of similar 'Dialogue Session' events that RR convenes periodically, with previous dialogue topics touching on identity, lessons learned from the revolution, and 'morality in crisis'.