'The Long Night': Discussion after Movie Screening

Rethink Rebuild Society (RR) convened a film screening event on the 20th of December 2017 to watch the movie 'The Long Night', a Syrian movie that talks about three political prisoners who are released from prison after a long time while their families anxiously wait for their arrival.

The movie stirred a discussion among members of the Syrian diaspora on the feelings of detainees after their release and their ability to cope with life after prison, the importance of contextualising the movie with the +100,000 currently detained or forcibly disappeared in Syria, and the sacrifices that are made for a principled cause.

This event follows a series of similar 'Dialogue Session' events that RR convenes periodically, with previous dialogue topics touching on identity, lessons learned from the revolution, 'morality in crisis', and the role of religion in the Syrian scene.