Monthly Seminars

The Syrian revolution and the circumstances of its emergence and its developments

Our monthly seminar, titled 'The Syrian revolution and the circumstances of its emergence and its developments', was delivered on 23rd April 2017 by Ali Sadreddine Al-Bayanouni, the ex-leader and a member of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood's Shura Council and Executive Office.


My story with the Syrian revolution

Our monthly seminar, titled 'My story with the Syrian revolution', was delivered on 29th January 2017 by Dr Yaser Aleiti. This seminar was via Skype from Istanbul, in which Dr Aleiti told his story with the Syrian regime and why he was politically motivated before the revolution and why he was detained by the Syrian regime in 2007.


Towards a fair solution for the Syrian crisis

Our monthly seminar, delivered on 27 November, was titled 'Towards a fair solution for the Syrian crisis'. This seminar was given by Dr. Yassin Al-Haj Saleh via Skype who outlined his vision for a democratic and pluralistic Syria, one which would be fair with all its people. His talk was followed by an interesting and active discussion.


Movie Night: Animal Farm

We resumed our monthly movie nights on Sunday 16 October by showing 'Animal Farm'. Our well-attended movie was followed by a discussion on revolution, and how a revolution can be successful, and how to gauge the success of a revolution.