Monthly Seminars

Monthly Seminar: Parallel Lines Intersect - Can we Succeed if we Start Over?

Our monthly seminar for January was presented by Dr. Saladin Sawan by the title of 'Parallel Lines Intersect, Numbers Equal their Multiples, and the Limits of Reason - Can we Succeed if we Start Over?'. This seminar provided an interesting challenge to attendees to evaluate their decision-making processes and to understand the limits of reason. Dr.


Seminar: Fostering Syrian Orphans

On 29 November 2015, in collaboration with Active Care Solution (ACS) we held an event in our multi-facility room to provide information on the process of fostering children in the UK. RR explained in a short talk why Syrians are fleeing Syria. Then Kauthar Tai gave a short talk to a full house about fostering and adoption in Islam.