We Are Not Princesses: Live Film Screening and Discussion with Co-director

On 8 December 2020, we welcomed Itab Azzam, co-director of We are not Princesses, for a Q&A about this engaging and woefully accurate documentary that follows four Syrian refugee women take part in a creative theatre workshop whilst in a refugee camp in Beirut. It was a highly engaging discussion with Itab.


The Pianist of Yarmouk: Music and Words with Aeham Ahmad

On 7 December 2020, we were ecstatic to welcome The Pianist of Yarmouk to Celebrating Syria 2020. Aeham Ahmad played some of his finest pieces of music and told us about his experiences in Syria, where oppression meant that no one could think, write, or play music freely. It was a beautiful night!


Your future career: Medicine

Our second information session in the series “Your Future Career” talked about the medical profession. The session was presented by Nizar Wafaei, medical student (Year 5) at Liverpool University, on Wednesday 02 December 2020 at 7:00 pm and it addressed the following points: