Seminars / Conferences

Raising Awareness on Breast Related Illnesses: Online Seminars

On Wednesday 22 April 2020, RR hosted the 6th episode of virtual talks on its ‎Facebook ‎page. ‎The Talk was‏ ‏entitled “Raising Awareness about Breast Related Illnesses” and it ‎was delivered by Dr Hazem Khout, a Consultant Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon at the NHS.


Wellness: Online Seminar

On Saturday 18 April 2020 at 7pm, RR hosted the 4th episode of virtual talks on its Facebook ‎page. ‎The Talk was about understanding "Wellness & Mental Health" Issues and it was ‎delivered by Dr Mustafa Alachkar, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the NHS.


Bullying in Schools: Online Seminar

On Wednesday 15 April 2020 at 7pm we hosted the 3rd episode of virtual talks on our Facebook page. ‎The talk was about “Bullying in Schools” and it was delivered by Mr Ahmad Mujahed Nayef‎, a computer science and design technology teacher in the UK.


Let's End Hate Crime!

Rethink Rebuild Society hosted a seminar on hate crime in our multi-facility room on Sunday 13 October. The talks were given in Arabic by Rethink Rebuild. The speakers stressed the importance of recognising and reporting hate crime. After the talks, the floor was open for Q&A and the attendees added their input on their experiences.