Refugees, the Lived Experience, with Prof Vicki Squire

On Wednesday 21 June 2023, we organised a thought-provoking event as part of a series of 'down to earth' online conversations. The main focus of these discussions was to shed light on the experiences of refugees and their overall wellbeing. For this particular episode, we had the privilege of hosting Professor Vicki Squire, who brought her expertise to the table.

The event was conducted in English but also included Arabic translation to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for the audience. During the conversation, Professor Squire delved into a book chapter she co-authored, which examined the narrative recollections of individuals who had survived the Syrian war and were forced to leave their homeland in search of safety and refuge.

The core of the discussion revolved around in-depth interviews with Syrian individuals who had been resettled in the UK and Canada. These personal accounts provided valuable insights into the challenges and struggles faced by displaced Syrians as they tried to rebuild their lives in new countries.

Overall, the conversation with Professor Vicki Squire was a powerful and enlightening experience, leaving the participants with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by refugees and the importance of creating a supportive and compassionate environment for those seeking refuge and a new beginning.