Seminars / Conferences

Refugees, the Lived Experience, Researcher Marie-Clare

On Wednesday 20 September 2023, we hosted an online event where Researcher Marie-Clare reflected on the pivotal role that volunteering plays in helping refugees and asylum seekers integrate and feel valued.


Refugees, the Lived Experience, with Prof Vicki Squire

On Wednesday 21 June 2023, we organised a thought-provoking event as part of a series of 'down to earth' online conversations. The main focus of these discussions was to shed light on the experiences of refugees and their overall wellbeing. For this particular episode, we had the privilege of hosting Professor Vicki Squire, who brought her expertise to the table.


Refugees, The Lived Experience, with Bayan Hakki

On Sunday 10 April 2023, we launched a series on online conversations entitled 'down to earth’ where researchers present findings from their research work and discuss the relevance of these findings to the life and wellbeing of refugees.
In the first episode, Bayan Hakki addressed the following theme:


Seeking Asylum & Mental Health: Book Launch at RR

On Thursday 6th October, we hosted the book launch of “Seeking Asylum and Mental Health: A Practical Guide for Professionals”. It was more than a book launch as we had the opportunity to hear from editors and authors of the book about the fascinating work they do.