Seminars / Conferences

Seeking Asylum & Mental Health: Book Launch at RR

Yesterday, we hosted the book launch of “Seeking Asylum and Mental Health: A Practical Guide for Professionals”. It was more than a book launch as we had the opportunity to hear from editors and authors of the book about the fascinating work they do. We also heard from people talking about their lived experience whilst seeking asylum and needing mental health care.


Commemorating Naji al-Ali, the Man, the Cartoonist

On Monday 29 August 2022, we held an online session to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the assassination of Naji al-Ali, and to remember and learn more about a unique man who's never forgotten.


Community research: Belonging in neighbourhoods for dispersed communities

On Thursday, 11 Nov 2021, Dr Moaz El Sayed, our Research & Advocacy Officer was invited by Ambition for Ageing to a seminar called: Community research: Belonging in neighbourhoods for dispersed communities’. Dr El Sayed spoke about some points related to conducting research reflecting on our experience in conducting research with elderly refugees.


Lecture at Manchester University on Syria's Crisis

Rethink Rebuild Society's manager, Dr Haytham Alhamwi, delivered a lecture as part of a Reconstruction and Development course at the University of Manchester on Thursday, 15 April 2021. Dr Alhamwi explained the Syrian crisis and the reasons that led millions of Syrians to flee Syria.


Neighbourhood Belonging: Online Seminar

RR was invited to attend and present the findings of their research: "Ageing Equally? A Case Study of Elderly Syrian Refugees in Salford and Oldham". We would like to thank Ambition for Ageing for their invitation and tremendous support to complete this research .