Seminars / Conferences

Event with Gorton Labour candidate for MP Afzal Khan

We held an event at our centre on 19 April with Gorton Labour candidate for MP Afzal Khan. Afzal discussed the importance of being engaged in the political process and of making our voices heard. He also took questions from the audience on Syria and Libya, and stressed his long-standing opposition to the Assad regime.


It was doomsday in Mosul

Rethink Rebuild Society in collaboration with the Friends of Mosul group organised a talk titled by "It was doomsday in Mosul" on Sunday 2nd April. The talk was delivered by Mr. Mazin Al-Khasshab, the Chairman of the Friends of Mosul.


Syria Fringe Event: Young Labour Political School in Birmingham

We spoke at a fringe event in the Young Labour Political School which took place in Birmingham on 18 March. We spoke to a packed room of young Labour leaders who were interested in hearing about the situation in Syria and learning what their party could do about it.

Many thanks for Labour Campaign for International Development for hosting the event.


Witnesses to War Crimes in Syria

Dr Alhamwi was one of four panellists on the panel "Witnesses to War Crimes in Syria" alongside Paul Conroy, Ann Hannah and Toby Cadman. The panellists talked about the war crimes in Syria committed by the Syrian regime from different perspectives and how to stop these crimes and bring those who were behind it to justice.


Liverpool Syria Week: Women in the Syrian Revolution

We spoke on a panel at an event on 15 March for Liverpool's Syria Awareness Week' on the topic of Syrian women. We highlighted local stories of Syrian activist women from within the Manchester community, highlighting that despite all odds and struggles, Syrian women are fighting to get their messages heard.