Social Gatherings

Celebrating Syria: Opening Night

On this unforgettable evening of Friday 11 March 2022, we launched the 5th Celebrating Syria festival featuring a great live music performance and learning more about this year’s festival in an informal and welcoming atmosphere in the amazing Event Space at HOME.


Thou Shalt Not Hate: Film Screening & Discussion

On Wed 16 Feb 2022, RR was delighted to host the film screening and post-screening discussion of Thou Shalt Not Hate. The film talks about Simone, a renowned surgeon and the son of a Holocaust survivor, who rushes to the scene of a hit-and-run, but when he sees a Nazi tattoo on the victim’s chest, he leaves the man to die violating his Hippocratic Oath as a doctor.


Gholam: Film Screening & Discussion

On Wed 13 January 2022, RR hosted a film screening and discussion about the movie Gholam. The movie is about an Iranian exile (Gholam) in London who is haunted by his past, gets involved in the conflicts of a total stranger and has to see it through until the end, in this mesmerising slow-burn thriller.


Social Gathering for Syrians in Manchester

On 30 December, Rethink Rebuild Society organised a social gathering for the Syrian community in Manchester at the Werneth House in Oldham. Many Syrian families gathered to socialise and enjoy their time together. Children also enjoyed their time playing and having some fun with some competitions.


Our Annual Public Meeting, 2021

On Friday 12 Nov 2021 we held our annual public meeting with the Syrian community in Manchester at Birch Community Centre. The meeting provided us the opportunity to give updates about the work we carried out in the last year most especially during the lockdown.