Social Gatherings

The Pianist of Yarmouk: Music and Words with Aeham Ahmad

On 7 December 2020, we were ecstatic to welcome The Pianist of Yarmouk to Celebrating Syria 2020. Aeham Ahmad played some of his finest pieces of music and told us about his experiences in Syria, where oppression meant that no one could think, write, or play music freely. It was a beautiful night!


Oud Time with Rihab

Oud Time with Rihab was the 2nd event of Celebrating Syria Festival 2020. The event took place on 5 December 2020. Rihab played some Arabic music, told us a bit about her journey with the oud and talked us through photos of oud-making steps she witnessed in her own dad's workshop in Syria (luthier Samir Azar).


Back Pain Symptoms and How to Treat them: Online Seminars

On Wednesday 29 April 2020 RR hosted the 7th episode of virtual talks on its Facebook page. ‎The talk was about back and spin pain, and it was delivered by Mr Ammar Sawaf, a COPA ‎Practitioner at CT Clinic Manchester. In his presentation, Mr. Sawaf spoke about how to avid ‎pain in general and backbone pain in particular.