Social Gatherings

Awareness Session on Cancer Screening

On Thursday 21 April 2022, and in partnership with Mawlawi Kurdish Cultural Centre Shekh Raouf Barzinji Mosque, we delivered 2 presentations in Arabic about three important types of cancer in the UK that can be diagnosed early by the NHS free screenings: breast cancer, cervical cancer, and bowel cancer.


Annual Fundraising for Iqraa School

On Saturday 16 April 2022, we organised our annual fundraising Iftaar for Iqraa School (north Syria) at Eastern Pearl Banqueting Hall in Manchester. This school provides vital educational and psychological support to about 500 children in Syria.


Meeting with the White Helmets

On Sunday 27 March 2022, we had the pleasure of meeting Raed al-Saleh, the head of Syria Civil Defence - The White Helmets at our centre, where we talked about the history of the #WhiteHelmets, their roles in documenting human rights violations, the current situation in Syria, and what can be done to protect civilians and help displaced people.


Family Day: Miles Apart, Still in the Heart

On Saturday 26 March 2022 we concluded our 5th Celebrating Syria Festival with a day full of entrainment for the whole family. It was a great opportunity to enjoy Syrian foods and drinks, spiritual and folk music, and art workshops.


TootArd present Migrant Birds

On Wed 23 March 2022, and as part of Celebrating Syria Festival, we had a musical show at TriBeCa in Manchester. Hasan and Rami Nakhleh, two brother from the Golan Heights, returned with a jammed full of pop hooks and quarter-tone melodic lines, “Migrant Birds” unleashing a disco whirlwind that pays homage to the West Asian dancefloor scenes of the 1980’s.