Social Gatherings

La Dolce Syria: A Short Film Trilogy

On Sunday 16th July, we screened La Dolce Syria: A Short Film Trilogy by Ammar al-Beik. Here is what people have to say about the film:


Time For Creativity Workshop

On Saturday 15th July we joined two of the finest Syrian artists, Manya and Khalda, based in Manchester to get our hands dirty in a creative arts workshop. One of the themes of the Celebrating Syria festival is the importance of creativity. In this workshop, everyone was welcome to come and have a go at making their own inspired sculpture or drawing.


Silvered Water: Syria Self Portrait - Film Viewing

We screened a film viewing of Silvered Water: Syria Self Portrait on Friday 14th July, directed by Ossama Mohammed. This film documents the destruction and atrocities of Syria’s war through a combination of eye-witness accounts, shot by a reported 1,001 Syrians on mobile phones and posted to the internet, and footage shot by Bedirxan during the siege of Homs.


Duo Zaman Concert - Celebrating Syria

The Celebrating Syria festival kicked off on Monday 10th July with the wonderful Duo Zaman concert at the Emmanuel Church performed by Rihab Azar and Jamal Alsakka. . In Arabic, ‘Zamaan’ means time but the word can also be used to refer to the past.