In furtherance of its charitable objectives, RR strives to raise awareness on issues related to refugees and immigrants within the British landscape through work on policy and media. Because of our daily work with Syrian refugees, we serve as a critical source of information on the Syrian conflict for journalists and through our professional relationships with these journalists we work on the framework by which refugee crises, particularly in Syria, are discussed. RR also organises seminars and hosts academic conferences that draw in leading academics and community organisers for discussion and insight on often overlooked aspects of the Syrian conflict and other conflicts in the region.
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Barrel bombs rained from the sky 'like bees', says RR Office Coordinator

Barrel bombs rained form the sky 'like bees', says RR Office Coordinator

Describing the dangerous conditions that made him flee Syria, Yasser Aljasser said that regime barrel bombs rained from the sky 'like bees'. These conditions prompted him to undertake a dangerous journey to the UK. Yasser affirms that although his brother was killed by ISIS, Assad remains the primary threat to civilians in the country.


Foreign Affairs Committee Evidence Session

RR attended an evidence session hosted by Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee regarding UK policy on Syria. The session hosted five 'experts', none of whom were Syrian and who provided policy recommendations that, in the opinion of Rethink Rebuild Society as the voice of the Syrian community of Manchester, diverge from the opinions of Syrians themselves.