In furtherance of its charitable objectives, RR strives to raise awareness on issues related to refugees and immigrants within the British landscape through work on policy and media. Because of our daily work with Syrian refugees, we serve as a critical source of information on the Syrian conflict for journalists and through our professional relationships with these journalists we work on the framework by which refugee crises, particularly in Syria, are discussed. RR also organises seminars and hosts academic conferences that draw in leading academics and community organisers for discussion and insight on often overlooked aspects of the Syrian conflict and other conflicts in the region.
Recent news in Advocacy section

Press Release: Quadriplegic Syrian refugee pleading for safety of the UK

Khaldoon Sinjab

As the Syrian community within the UK, we are demanding our Government to provide asylum for Khaldoon Sinjab and his family. Khaldoon is a quadriplegic Syrian refugee able to move only his tongue and dependent upon electricity to live. .


Meeting with MP Jeff Smith

MP Jeff Smith visited our office on 12 August 2015 to meet with the Syrian community and to hear about any issues that we are facing. After we went through a presentation for him, Jeff asked us a number of questions about Syria and promised to help us get our message across to other Labour Parliamentarians.