Seminars / Conferences

London CSO Conference

We attended the 3 February London Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Conference in the lead-up to the 4 February London Donors conference. Over 200 CSOs were represented, some of which were Syrian. As an organisation, we stressed the issues of civilian protection as well as Syrian leadership in identifying funding priorities and in implementing projects on the ground.


Home Office Conference on Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

Our Refugee Support coordinator participated in a conference on 28 January held by the Home Office, where speakers from different departments related to the Resettlement program for Syrian vulnerable persons shared their experiences and and impressions about this process and how it could be made more efficient for both refugees and local authorities.


Lib-Dem Special Conference on Syria

We had the pleasure of speaking at the Liberal-Democrats' special conference on the Syria vote. This conference was meant to review the party's policy in approaching the December vote on Syria (to bomb Daesh) and to discuss whether this represented the right course of action.


Muslim Association of Britain event on Syria

We spoke at an event in London organised by the Muslim Association of Britain on 8 January 2015 titled 'Engaging Communities: A practical response to the refugee crisis'. The event hosted a total of seven speakers from diverse backgrounds, include those who work with refugees from many different perspectives.