Seminars / Conferences

Conference: Communities Together to Tackle Daesh

We spoke at a conference on 20 May hosted by the Community Safety Forum titled 'Communities Together to Tackle Daesh'. This conference was aimed at highlighting the expertise within the community to identify and address the threats emanating from Daesh.


Conference: Community Action and Social Power

We attended a conference on Community Action and Social Power on 19 May 2016, where we met a delegation of social workers, youth workers and community workers from Sweden. We were able to share best practice to address the challenges faced by refugees and also to learn best practices from Sweden that we can implement here.


International Alert: Building peace from the bottom up in Syria

We presented in International Alert's 'Building peace from the bottom up in Syria: Community-based peacebuilding from Aleppo to London' on Tuesday 3 May in London.

Our Refugee Support Coordinator participated in the panel and spoke about the experiences of Syrian refugees in the UK and what we are doing to help them integrate into British society.


Islamic Society of Britain Event on Syria

We spoke at an event hosted by the Islamic Society of Britain on 30 April in KD Grammar School. This event was dedicated to raising awareness about what is happening in Syria today as well as the plight of the Syrian people.