Film screening of The Intouchables


Rethink Rebuild Society hosted a screening of the film "The Intouchables" on sunday 22nd of January. The screening was followed by a short open discussion on ideas and emotions that the film provoked about our perception of relationships, difference, what we have in common, and what makes us humans.

The Film:
Based on true story, “Les Intouchables”, the film that that broke box office records in France, tells how a millionaire left quadriplegic after an accident, hires the unlikely carer, Driss, who is from the poor suburbs and just out of prison. It is described as "a feelgood buddy movie" of friendship across the race divide.
“Intouchables” was a sensation because of good writing, acting and directing but also its subtle, British-style humour (Christophe Narbonne, a film critic at the French magazine Premiere)
An irreverent, uplifting comedy about friendship, trust and human possibility (