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As a result of the conflict in Syria, millions of Syrian children have been without an education for the past few years. RR believes in the crucial role of education in helping Syria's younger generations to attain a brighter and more peaceful future. Therefore, RR, in collaboration with other UK-registered charities, has initiated a project to bring Syrian children back to school. We have helped establish over ten schools inside Syria, one of which is fully funded by the Syrian community of Manchester.
Recent news in Education section

Successful Fundraising for Iqraa School

This Ramadan, we successfully secured considerable amount of the funding required for the running of Iqraa School in north Syria for the upcoming academic year. We feel blessed to have been able to support the school over the past years. We are grateful to our community in Manchester and their friends for their genrousity.


Your Nutrition in Ramadan

On Thursday 20 April at 6:00 PM, RR hosted an important session entitled “Your nutrition in Ramadan”. Presented by Dr Abdulmanan Fadel, Lecturer in Liverpool John Moores University

The information session provided helpful advice on our eating and drinking habits during the month of Ramadan when Muslim observe fast from sunrise to sunset.