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Letter: Refugees are not a crisis. We are human beings.

We issued a joint letter with Syrian organisations across the country on 29 January on the need for dignified treatment of asylum seekers refugees. This comes amidst reports that asylum seekers have been forced to wear coloured wristbands as a means of identification (in Cardiff), or that their houses were identifiable through distinctive red doors (in Middlesborough).


Syrian refugees help with flood preparation in Rochdale

Nine Syrian refugees in Manchester devoted their time on 29 December to help with flood prevention efforts in Littleborough near Rochdale. Wearing their Rethink Rebuild Society vests, they shovelled sand into sandbags which were then taken by local families to be used to protect their homes. Their involvement has been reported in the press.


RR tells the Guardian: We hope that latest arrest on Syrian-Turkish border will not affect humanitarian work in Syria

On family of 9 arrested on Syria-Turkish border: RR told The Guardian: “We do not recommend that people travel to Syria given the increasing complexity of the conflict. With that said, we hope that this incident will not place undue scrutiny upon humanitarian aid work carried out in Syria.”

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