ACTION ALERT! Send A Slice of Bread to Downing Street!

Since the start of the conflict in Syria, the UK has sent over 2 billion in humanitarian aid. However, this aid does not reach many of those in need and it does not represent an effective solution. Tell our government that aid alone isn’t enough while doing little to stop the relentless violence and brutality of the Syrian regime against its own people that is making people reliant on aid in the first place. We need to tackle the root cause of the problem and protect civilians. To emphasize how ineffective aid on its own is, send a slice of bread to Downing Street along with the attached letter outlining 8 pledges to ensure civilian protection in Syria.

• Send a slice to Downing St
o Before sending, take a picture and tweet it/upload it to Facebook with #SaveMeInSyria and tag us in:
Twitter: @Rethink_Rebuild
Facebook: Rethink Rebuild Society
o Address to send: 10 Downing St, London, SW1A 2AA

• Contact your local MP
o Also send a slice of bread and the letter to your local MP or, better, make an appointment to see them to ask them to make civilian protection in Syria a priority. When writing to them don't forget to edit the letter and include your address as they need to see you are from their constituency before they respond. To find out who your MP is visit You can email us any responses at

Download the letter template here