***Election Action Alert***

Asmaa's father has been imprisoned by the Assad regime since 2011. Her family has no information about him, not even whether he is alive or dead.

As one of the world’s most powerful countries, the UK can do more to help protect civilians in Syria. At this critical time, please let your election candidates know that Syria is an important issue to you.

1. Ask your candidate to support 8 pledges contained within the Syria election manifesto. Use this easy online form to find out who your candidates are and to send them a pre-written letter:
2. Phone your candidates' offices and follow up with your email. Ask your candidate, politely and firmly, to give you clear answers on which pledge(s) they are willing to support from the election manifesto.
3. Participate in the 'National Day of Action for Syria' on Saturday 3 June. Go down to your candidates' offices, meet with them or their staff, and again ask for their pledges on the eight calls contained within the Syria manifesto.
4. Share this action alert widely with family and friends.

Here are the pledges we are proposing to candidates…
If elected MP, I pledge to:
1. Affirm the democratic right of Syrians to choose their own future free from dictatorship and terror.
2. Call for the UK to track and publish details of military aircraft flights by the Assad regime and Russia that may be responsible for unlawful attacks on civilians.
3. Call for drone aid airdrops to besieged civilians to provide immediate relief and add pressure for full ground access.
4. Call for the UK to help enforce an end to attacks against civilian targets by the Assad regime and its allies.
5. Call for widened sanctions against the Assad regime and its supporters for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
6. Call for the UK to pursue all avenues to bring perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity to justice, including through universal jurisdiction as well as international legal mechanisms.
7. Call for the UK to pursue a ‘Uniting for Peace’ vote in the UN General assembly recommending action to protect civilians.
8. Demand the highest standards of accountability of all our Coalition partners for air strikes taking place in Syria.

These pledges have been agreed by Syrian community groups and activists across the UK:
Rethink Rebuild Society • Syrian Association of Yorkshire • Syria Solidarity UK • Kurds House • Syrian Community of the South West • Syrian Platform for Peace • Scotland4Syria • Syrian Welsh Society • Help 4Syria UK • Peace and Justice for Syria • Syrian Society of Nottinghamshire

Link to the full election manifesto is available at:

If you have any questions, please contact Yasmine at yasmine@rrsoc.org.