Action Alert: Call on the UK Government to Stop the Genocide in Aleppo


The US has been busy with its election business...and still it passed the Caesar Civilian Protection Act this week through the House of Representatives? WHAT IS THE UK'S EXCUSE as Aleppo is being pulverised to the ground?!

Over 250,000 civilians in E. Aleppo are at risk of extermination. We need you to take urgent action now by contacting your MP:

1. You can find out who your MP is, their email address, and their office number at

2. WRITE to your MP (make sure you include your address in your letter). Tell them that the situation in E. Aleppo is beyond belief and that Assad and Russia are committed to destroying the entire city and its residents. Ask them to ensure that the UK Government issues strong condemnation of these actions. As them also to support a NO-BOMBING ZONE to protect civilians in Syria.

3. CALL your MPs office. They cannot escape you if you call! Tell them the same points mentioned above.

4. Please share this post. We must #StandWithAleppo during these tremendously difficult times

You may benefit from the template letter below:


Dear MP,

I am contacting you with respect to the deteriorating situation in Aleppo. The situation is catastrophic and the entire area of the city is at risk of being wiped out by Assad and its Russian backers. As my representative, I am urging you to write to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to stress the the UK MUST TAKE ACTION.

Please write to Foreign Secretary Johnson and ask that the UK:
· Issue strong condemnations of the actions of Assad and Russia.
· Impose immediately a no-bombing zone in Syria enforced by a threat of strikes against Assad regime military targets which will not entail boots on the ground, flights over Syrian airspace, or a direct confrontation with Russia
· Conduct humanitarian aid drops to besieged areas inside Syria
· Introduce additional sanctions against the Assad regime and its backers
· Track and publicly report aircraft that are responsible for attacks on civilian areas as a means of ‘naming and shaming’ the perpetrators
· Pursue an emergency special session within the UN General Assembly as a means of circumventing Russia’s persistent use of the veto in the UN Security Council
· Continue to push for accountability for perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria.

Best regards,