Day 3: Labour Party Conference

The third and final day of the Labour Party Conference on 30 September was busy with a final push for lobbying! After a BBC Radio Manchester interview in the morning, we learned that Jeremy Corbyn was also due to arrive for some interviews, and waited for him to arrive. We spoke with him for only a minute, but hand-delivered our policy document to him and told him that Syrians want a no-fly zone. He promised that he will read our document.

Overall, the following are the MPs who we met today and presented our policy document to:
-Jeremy Corbyn
-Sadiq Khan
-Jeff Smith
-Nia Griffith

We would like to thank everyone who helped with putting together the stall in the Labour Party Conference, including Planet Syria and Independent Diplomat. We would also like to thank everyone who stopped at our stall and spoke to us and offered us support. We will now redouble our efforts in calling for a no-fly zone before the expected UK vote.


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