Inspiring Change: Rethink Rebuild Society's Conversation with LUSH Charity Pot

On Wednesday, 6 September 2023, Rethink Rebuild Society was invited by LUSH Charity Pot to participate in a 15-minute talk during a small staff training event at the LUSH Liverpool shop.

The talk was conducted in a conversational style, with our representatives taking the stage and engaging in a dialogue with a LUSH group representative. They discussed the important work undertaken by Rethink Rebuild Society and how local individuals can contribute and become involved in our initiatives. These discussions were tailored for the LUSH shop staff located in Northwest England, aiming to provide them with a firsthand understanding of how the funds generated from the sales of Charity Pot body lotion can truly make a difference for nearby grassroots charities and volunteer groups supported by LUSH.

The primary objective of this event was to inspire more LUSH staff to actively support the Charity Pot initiative and to encourage them to spread the word among their customers.

Rethink Rebuild Society is deeply appreciative of the generous funding provided by LUSH. Our representatives, Moaz and Shannon, travelled to Liverpool to meet with LUSH staff and share insights into the impactful contributions that LUSH's funding has made to Rethink Rebuild's activities. During their visit, our representatives also answered questions regarding our organisation's mission, how we effectively communicate our message to the public, and the achievements and challenges we face in our work.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to LUSH for their gracious invitation and warm hospitality. We are genuinely thankful for their support and eagerly anticipate continuing our collaborative efforts.