Barbara: Film Screening and Discussion

On Wednesday, July 19, 2023, we hosted an extraordinary film event featuring the screening of the captivating movie "Barbara," which sparked thought-provoking discussions among the audience.

The film revolves around the life of Barbara, a dedicated Berlin doctor, who finds herself exiled to a small country hospital after seeking an exit visa to leave East Germany during the 1980s. Unhappy with her new assignment and plagued by the fear of potential Stasi informants among her colleagues, Barbara keeps a distance from others, including the amiable clinic head, Andre. While secretly preparing to defect one day, she seeks solace in stolen moments with her lover.

As the story unfolds, Barbara's perspective undergoes a profound transformation, unveiling previously hidden aspects of her life and the people around her. Confronted with a painful moral dilemma, she is forced to make difficult choices, reevaluating what truly matters to her.

Following the film screening, a thought-provoking discussion ensued, allowing the audience to delve deeper into the film's themes and explore the profound impact of Barbara's journey on their own perspectives.