Coding 4 Children Part II: Online Course

On Thursday 20 October RR hosted an online course about coding entitled "Coding 4 Children Part II" and delivered by "Kids&Codes" organisation. The targeted participants were young people between 8 and 12 years old from a refugee or migrant background. The course was attended by children who showed their enthusiasm to learn about coding. It was a highly interactive course. The course included the following points: introduction to programming / practice coding with different tools, introducing coding concepts using Scratch, coding simple project using Scratch, introducing how software and hardware work together using micro: bit circuit board & C2O2 robot, coding simple project using micro: bit circuit board (simulation), introducing apps design for android devices, coding simple app using MIT App Inventor environment.

Name of the initiative: Meet and Code 2022
Sponsor of the initiative: SAP4Good
Partner of the initiative: TechSoup Europe
#meetandcode #codeEU