Celebrating Syrian Festival in the Press

The 5th annual Celebrating Syria Festival has been enormously successful. Several media outlets spoke about the role of arts and culture in resistance and in preserving cultural identity through the festival.

In New Lines Magazine, Dr Ammar Azzouz, a U.K. based architect, writer and volunteer at Celebrating Syria Festival wrote about artists in exile are expressing identity and solidarity with the country they’ve had to leave. He argues that the festival “offers an exciting platform to reach out to all the people in Manchester but also to connect to other Syrian cultural movements in the U.K., Syria and the rest of the world.”

The Middle East Eye indicates how the festival aims to showcase Syria’s cultural heritage to the people of Manchester by bringing members of the diaspora together after a decade of exile from their motherland

The Northern Quota highlights how Manchester is celebrating the beauty of Syrian art and culture - often neglected amid the backdrop of war

Syria TV report on the festival: