Thou Shalt Not Hate: Film Screening & Discussion

On Wed 16 Feb 2022, RR was delighted to host the film screening and post-screening discussion of Thou Shalt Not Hate. The film talks about Simone, a renowned surgeon and the son of a Holocaust survivor, who rushes to the scene of a hit-and-run, but when he sees a Nazi tattoo on the victim’s chest, he leaves the man to die violating his Hippocratic Oath as a doctor. Haunted by guilt, Simone gets close to the dead man’s daughter, Marcia, as he hires her as his cleaner. Marcia’s white supremacist brother, who is opposed to this relationship, is forced to confront his blind hatred when Simone is called to save his life.

It was a thought-provoking film that poses profound questions about hate and redemption and all that makes us human. Thou Shalt Not Hate was the winner of the Best Italian Film and Best Actor awards at the Venice International Film Festival.

The post-screening discussion was equally exciting as audience shared their reflection on the film in an engaging and interactive manner.