Revolution in the Real World: A talk by Professor Eric Selbin

As you know, 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Syrian uprising. Therefore, RR hosted a facintaing talk by Eric Selbin, Professor of Political Science at Southwestern University - Texas. Professor Selbin argued that we must look and listen to real people in the real world making real choices that really matter. At a time and place of renewed authoritarianism, revolution and resistance practiced by people seeking to realise their hopes, dreams and desires in a world often hostile to their interests, seem more important than ever.

Professor Selbin considered the social and political upheaval that engulfed the Mediterranean region from December 2010 through to today, as well as other similar upheavals across the world, trying to see if there is a global context for revolution all around the world.

Please check the link below to watch the full talk:

Eric Selbin
Professor Eric Selbin is a political sociologist whose research focuses on revolution and related forms of collective socio-political behaviour and decentering international relations theory.
He is Professor of Political Science and holder of the Lucy King Brown Chair at Southwestern University, Texas, where he chairs the Political Science Program, and is a Faculty Associate at Observatorio de la Relación Binacional México - E.E.U.U., Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the National University Autonomous of Mexico (UNAM).
He is the author of Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance: The Power of Story , which has been translated into several languages including Arabic, as well as numerous other books, articles and book chapters on revolution. See less