Navigating your Way through the HealthCare System session

Our third information session talked about the services provided by the NHS, and was held on Wednesday 04 November 2020 at 7:00 pm. It addressed the various branches of the NHS and the types of healthcare they provide, and was presented by Sonia Sohail, General Practice Based Clinical Pharmacist.

Broadcast over Zoom and live via our page on Facebook, the session attracted a large number of attendees.


As the video recording has been saved on Facebook, those interested in the topic have been watching the video after the session ended. At the time of writing this entry, the number of views of Facebook was over 500 views.

As the session was delivered in both Arabic and English, the session will continue to benefit a wide audience on the internet.

Two other health related sessions are scheduled during the month of November. They will discuss the topic of oral hygiene and dental care.