"Imagine!": Live Webinar

On Wednesday 17 June 2020, Rethink Rebuild Society participated in a live webinar dedicated to the Refugee Week, whose theme for this year is “imagine”.

The webinar was streamed on Reform Radio and was hosted by Hope Barker (co-founder of Wave - Thessaloniki). It featured Simon Campbell (Coordinator at the Border Violence Monitoring Network), Omar Abdul Aziz (Volunteer and translator at Wave - Thessaloniki) Moaz El Sayed (Research and Advocacy Officer at Rethink Rebuild Society) and Isa (Coordinator at Collective Aid).

The aim of the webinar was to encourage speakers to talk about the “imagined” ideal future and what work we are doing individually and collectively to get in there. In addition, the speakers discussed how the situation stands for refugees and migrants in Europe including the situation of Syrian refugees in the UK.