Bullying in Schools: Online Seminar

On Wednesday 15 April 2020 at 7pm we hosted the 3rd episode of virtual talks on our Facebook page. ‎The talk was about “Bullying in Schools” and it was delivered by Mr Ahmad Mujahed Nayef‎, a computer science and design technology teacher in the UK. Mr Mujahed introduced the concept of safeguarding and child protection and explained the procedure taken by teaching staff to ensure the welfare of children in schools and to tackle complains about bullying. He also addressed the importance role of parents in maintaining a positive relationship with their children that allow the children to ask for help or guidance when needed. The talk lasted for approximately 1 hour and a half and was followed by ‎Q&A.

Find below useful information about safeguarding and bullying, which were highlighted in the talk yesterday.

* Online Webinars via Zoom subscription are funded by “Manchester Wellbeing Fund”. RR is grateful for their support.