Family Life during Covid-19 Crisis: Online Seminar

On Thursday 9 April 2020 at 6pm we hosted the 2nd episode of virtual talks on our Facebook page. ‎The talk was about “Family Life during Covid-19 Crisis” and it was delivered by Dr Mamoun ‎Mobayed, a Consultant ‎ Psychiatrist based in Qatar. Dr Mamoun talked about how families ‎could handle the crisis socially and financially. He also highlighted the need of countering fear of ‎anxiety as well as avoiding negative thoughts and perceptions during this time. The importance of ‎developing a healthy lifestyle and creating a positive atmosphere between and within families was ‎thoroughly discussed. The talk lasted for approximately 1 hour and a half and was followed by ‎Q&A.‎

* Online Webinars via Zoom subscription are funded by “Manchester Wellbeing Fund”. RR is grateful for their support.