Film Screening: The Echo of Pain of the Many

On 29 January 2020, Rethink Rebuild hosted film screening event for ''The Echo of Pain of the Many'' as well as the launch of the photo exhibition '' An Enduring Struggle for Justice''.

The Film tells the story of Ana Lucia Cuevas, also the director and editor of the film, of her journey to find the truth about the abduction of her brother back in early 1980s in Guatemala. She discovers, through the archived records of the perpetrators of the crimes themselves, the involvement of her own government and foreign Intelligence Services in the abduction, torture and murders of her brother and his young family.

Her story join the many stories of families who had lost their beloved ones during the war and their fight for justice and to send those who committed the ugliest crimes against civilians and human right activists to trial.

The screening was followed by Q&A with the director, where members of the Syrian community were able to see their stories reflected in the Lucia's story which gave them some hope that justice will be achieved for their beloved ones in the future.

The Exhibition present a newly commissioned photographic that document the ongoing campaigns of families and whole indigenous communities across Guatemala to maintain a cultural and territorial resistance, and to finally put the military perpetrators of genocide behind bars.

The exhibition will continue until 29 February 2020 at Rethink Rebuild Society in Longsight.

Film materials and all recourses are available on film official website: