A Celebration for the Life of Dina Ferrante Newton-Edwards

On Monday 20th January 2020 Rethink Rebuild Society hosted a Celebration of life for Dina Newton-Edwards, who sadly passed away on Thursday 2 January.

Dina was a true friend of us. She was an inspiration. She did so very much to support Syrian refugees and she was the reason many people learned about Syria and volunteered to help them.

Dr Mustafa Alachkar provided a speech on behalf on the Syrian Community in Manchester to honor Dina, her big heart and generous support she showed towards the Syrians.

''During the early times when the Syrian community started their activities in Manchester, one name kept appearing in our reservation list. Of course it was Dina who, even before we knew her in person, showed a great interest in supporting us and be part of all our activities'' Dr Alachkar

Also RR volunteer Mrs Hanan Albrmawi ,an active member in the Syrian community in Manchester, shared her feelings and touching words about her experience with Dina and how inspiring Dina was to her despite the short time they knew each others.

Dina will always be in our hearts and memories as one of the biggest believers in our work. Our deepest condolences to her family and beloved ones.

Rethink Rebuild Family