Lecture: The role of Syrian NGOs in Response to the Syrian Crisis

On Sunday 5 January 2020, Rethink Rebuild Society hosted the first lecture in 2020 about the role of humanitarian NGOs in responding to the Syrian Crisis. The lecture was provided by the humanitarian activist Mr Mazen Al Hossaini who shared his knowledge and experience through working with different Syrian and International NGOs.

The lecture covered several topics related to the work of humanitarian organizations in the Syrian context, that are particularly of importance due to the challenges in delivering aid to millions of affected and displaced population in Northern Syria. Mr Al Hossaini started his lecture with a historical overview about the concept of humanitarian work, and then talked about the history of the Syrian NGOs, the emergence of the Syrian NGOs post 2011 in neighbouring countries, what Syrian NGOs have achieved in delivering aid and in advocating the rights of Syrian, and finally what can we do to help and why it is important.