For Sama Tour: Screenings & Discussions

RR was invited to attend and participate in post-screening discussions of the award winning documentary For Sama in three different cities, with Dublin being first on 14 September, Leeds being second on 18 September and last but least Liverpool on 19 September.

For Sama was a profoundly moving documentary. It offered audience a new perspective and deep insight into personal experiences of people in wartime. This aspect has often been overlooked in the reporting of the Syrian conflict. What is unique about For Sama is its exceptional ability to encapsulate humanity at its best and worst by addressing human experiences of love, hate, life and death in a unique and unusual way.

The post-screening discussions hosted Syrian refugees who spoke eloquently about their struggle back in Syria and demonstrated to the audience how their experiences were similar to that of For Sama. The discussions served as a reminder about the plight of Syrian refugees and the importance to correct misconceptions surrounding them.