A Walk Along the "Manchester Peace Trail"

On Saturday 14 July 2018, Rethink Rebuild Society invited people to join it in walking along the "Manchester Peace Trail" - a guided walk that took us through the historical sites of Manchester that tells its story of democratic change and its identity as a "city of peace".

The purpose of the walk was to introduce people, and particularly encourage members of the Syrian diaspora to discover, Manchester's history of democracy building and social engagement. The aim was to raise awareness on the culture of democracy, to learn from Manchester's experience, and with that perspective to try to reflect on the Syrian revolution's attempt at democracy. Indeed, participants were exposed to recounts of critical moments in Manchester's history that asserted values of human rights, peace and democracy.

The Manchester Peace Trail is part of the Discover Peace project, an initiative supported by the European Commission, that offers similar Peace Trails in seven European cities: Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Turin and Vienna. More on the Manchester Peace Trail: http://manchester.discoverpeace.eu/about/