Meeting with Sara Khan, Lead Commissioner for Commission for Countering Extremism

Rethink Rebuild Society welcomed a visit by a delegation from the Commission for Countering Extremism headed by its Lead Commissioner Sara Khan on the 19th of March. We had a fruitful meeting in which we explained our work with the Syrian community and our efforts for the integration of Syrians settling in the UK and for the protection of civilians in Syria.
The issue of countering an exclusionary violent interpretation and practice of Islam, in Syria and in the UK, was also discussed. We emphasised the need to address drivers of injustices & conflict that ultimately breed violent interpretations and will continue to do so if left unresolved, which means for example countering 'extremism' within the larger contextual framework of injustices committed by the Syrian regime against its people as well as the racist attitudes shown by the far-right movements against the Muslim community here in Britain.


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