“Musings” An Exhibition by Two Syrian Sisters

An Exhibition by Two Syrian Sisters

Dates: 23 January – 6 March 2018
At: Rethink Rebuild Society, Unit 7, Longsight Business Park, Hamilton Rd, Manchester M13 0PD

The first of its kind at Rethink Rebuild Society, this art exhibition contains a variety of exciting art works by two Manchester-based Syrian artists.
The exhibition launches on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 7pm and continues till the 6th of February. It will be open during the opening hours of Rethink Rebuild Society. To arrange a viewing at other times, please contact culture@rrsoc.org

Khalda Al khamri:
Khalda is a Syrian artist and a TV and film director. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Helwan University, Egypt. She has taken part in various arts exhibitions in Syria either on her own or with other artists.
“My art work varies between the expressionist, the symbolic, and the abstract. For me, the art work is always preceded by the idea, and is never random.
In my work on silent nature, I adopted simplicity in structure in order for the colour to be more prominent. In portraits, I focused on various being states especially in women. I wanted it to move the viewer from one mind state to another and allow for more than one interpretation depending on the viewer.”

Manya Al khamri:
Manya is an emerging Syrian artist who is currently experimenting with different materials. She holds a diploma in sculpture from the Institute of Applied Arts in Damascus, Syria.
“Nature is the main source of inspiration for me. I choose to capture rich nature scenes and I then infuse them with my own personal feelings.”

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 6 March, 2018
Unit 7, Longsight Business Park
Hamilton Road
M13 0PD

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