Fundraising Event at TESCO Altrincham

Fundraising Event at TESCO Altrincham

After the big success of last supermarket fundraisers, we are organising a fundraising event at TESCO Altrincham on Saturday 17th August 2013 for Syria Relief registered charity.

The event involves Syrian and non-Syrian children helping shoppers with their packing at the tills and hoping that shoppers will donate money into designated buckets/baskets. Children will be supervised by adults and each child is expected to help for a maximum of 3 hours and they will be awarded at the end.


We are looking for children, boys and girls, between 10-16 years old to help with the above. We require around 30 children to help with this great event.

Last time in Asda Hulme we raised £1200. Please help us to beat that amount!

If you and your child are happy to help, please let us know by posting in facebook page or by emailing: or by calling/texting: 07730194083

Event Date: 
Saturday, 17 August, 2013
TESCO Altrincham
Manor Road