Break the Siege Fast-a-thon Challenge!

We challenge you to fast for one day to experience the daily trauma of the people of Syria who are under siege. Face the daily life of someone who has no food or drink for days at a time.

Fast on 1st July during the month of Ramadan from sunrise (3:18 am) till sunset (9:41 pm) in solidarity with the people of Syria who are under siege and starving.

1) Register for the challenge by filling the form here

2) Start getting sponsorships from family, friends and colleagues! The team sponsorship page is here

3) Nominate three friends to do the challenge with you! Send us your nominations (included in the registration form) and we will send them the challenge details and what they need to do. If they do not wish to do the challenge they can still support the campaign by making a donation of the amount equivalent to what they spend on food and drink for a day. They can then nominate three others and so forth, to help spread the word.

The aims of the campaign are as follows:
1) To raise awareness of the oppressive Assad regime’s sieges in Syria which have led to the starvation of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians including children and babies
2) To put pressure on our leaders to conduct aid drops to towns and villages under siege
3) To raise funds to support advocacy initiatives to help break the sieges and to make Syria safer

Fasting is an important aspect of many religions and we invite you to share that tradition with us this Ramadan (the Muslim holy month of fasting).

How to keep a Ramadan fast: Wake up early on 1st July and have a meal just before sunrise (3:18am) and then refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual relations till sunset (9:41pm). At sunset you break your fast and are allowed to eat, drink etc, again. This is called iftar time in the Muslim tradition.

Caution! This is not a challenge for individuals with medical conditions. If you have health issues and wish to take part in this challenge, please consult with your doctor first. Rethink Rebuild cannot be held responsible for any issues that result as a result of this challenge.

Donate what you would have spent during the day on food and drink to our advocacy initiatives to help break the sieges in Syria. Get your family and friends to sponsor you by doing the same!
Here is the campaign donation page:

We know that all your hard work deserves a reward so we are inviting everyone who takes up the challenge to break their fast with us at the end of the day with a lovely (free) dinner.

Time: 9:00pm
Venue: Unit 7
Longsight Business Park
Hamilton Rd
M13 0PD

Recommendations of what to eat before fasting:
We want everyone to feel good and be safe so if you have never fasted before here are some tips:

1) We recommend eating foods that release energy slowly throughout the day. These are foods with fibre, protein and healthy fats. Here are some recipe ideas
2) Incorporate foods with high water content into your morning meal to help you keep hydrated throughout the day.
3) Avoid junk food, foods high in salt and drinks high in caffeine as they can lead to loss of water and make you thirsty.
4) Keep your meals simple and healthy.
5) Do not over stuff yourself. Just eat as much as your appetite allows!

Event Date: 
Friday, 1 July, 2016
Longsight Business Park
Hamilton Rd
M13 0PD