It's a Free World

Rethink Rebuild Society invites you to its monthly film screening:
It's a Free World (2007)
Directed by Ken Loach
Followed by open discussion.

In English with English subtitles
Duration: 1 hr 35 min
Certificate: 15

Please attend on time as the screening will start at 7.15pm promptly.

The Film:
After being unfairly sacked from her job, Angie decides, with the help of her friend Rose, to set up her own recruitment agency, taking advantage of London's large migrant worker population.

"This being a Loach film, it’s also a cruel world, populated by capitalist tools and fools, schemers and dreamers of every stripe, accent and ethnicity. In “It’s a Free World ...” it’s the war of all against all yet again, this time with fistfuls of filthy pound notes and mouths crammed with speeches and broken promises" (The New York Times)

"It is an action, of course, intended to stand for all of us who easily feel sorrow for suffering individuals but, if not happily, then at the very least complacently, exist within and benefit from a system that depends on global exploitation of economically weak countries and people without choices.

Loach, as ever, resists the temptation to supply neat solutions and happy endings where there are none" (The Guardian)

Event Date: 
Wednesday, 28 September, 2022
Rethink Rebuild Society
First Floor, Discovery House Crossley Rd, Levenshulme