Celebrating Syria Festival 2019

Rethink Rebuild Society invites you to

2 - 9 November 2019


Arts and culture are important components of any national identity. When a country has been embroiled in prolonged conflict it is all the more important that the population, both at home and abroad, keep alive this vital link to their homeland. Syrians, like many others, do this through music, dance, food, theatre, film, and getting together to have fun, reminisce about home and tell their stories.

Celebrating Syria brings together Syrian artists, writers, filmmakers and performers who are based in the UK and around the world, offering them the opportunity to share their rich and varied culture with the people of Manchester and beyond.

There is a sizeable Syrian community in and around Manchester. Some have lived here for many years while others arrived more recently as a result of the conflict in Syria. Celebrating Syria draws them together to share the art and culture of their homeland with their friends and neighbours in Manchester, adding to the diversity of this great multicultural city and enriching its already vibrant cultural and art scene.

We are pleased to continue this association with the city and build on the success of the first two festivals in 2017 and 2018 and the positive and encouraging feedback we have received. This year’s festival will include an exhibition of artwork, concerts, storytelling, film screenings, talks and panel discussions, books, food and interactive arts workshops, with events for people of all ages. The theme of this year’s festival will be Mosaic, reflecting the richness and diversity of Syrian heritage and culture as manifested in the various art forms in the festival. Events will take place in various accessible venues in Manchester and are either free or at affordable prices.

Celebrating Syria Festival is also about the narrative about Syria. We as Syrians wish to change the narrative from that depicted in the media as one characterised by violence, pain and suffering, into one where Syria is recognised as a country which, throughout history has contributed immeasurably to human civilisation and world culture, and whose people continue to create great art and celebrate their culture in spite of, and often in reaction to the conflict raging at home.

Event Date: 
Saturday, 9 November, 2019
Various venues