A City Seen: Memories from Syria

Home's fourth 'A City Seen' will be an evening of film, performance and discussion exploring the Memories From Syria project. Created by Rethink Rebuild Society, this film project aims to raise the profile of the situation in Syria and the situation of Syrian Refugees living in the UK. The best way to understand is to listen to those involved. We will be screening a series of short film interviews with different people sharing their stories followed by performance and discussion. You are invited to listen and share, ask questions and connect, be part of the conversation. This is a global issue and we are all citizens of the world.

This event is part of an ongoing partnership between HOME and Rethink Rebuild Syria, and their arts festival Celebrating Syria.

A City Seen is HOME’s quarterly film programme exploring the creativity of our city’s most essential charities, community groups and voluntary organisations.

Organised by Rethink Rebuild Society and funded by the Home Office’s Building a Stronger Britain Together.
Image by Amani Al-Ali from Idlib, Syria'

Event Date: 
Monday, 29 April, 2019
HOME Manchester
2, Tony Wilson Place, M15 4FN Manchester, United Kingdom
M15 4FN