The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution

Exhibition: The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution

19 November 2018 – 25 January 2019 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00-17:00 (for other days/times by pre-booked visit)
Rethink Rebuild Society, Longsight, Manchester

Inspired and encouraged by the greatly positive reception that the exhibition was met with when it was shown as part of Celebrating Syria Festival, October 2018, we have decided to bring the exhibition to Rethink Rebuild Society to be experienced by a wider audience in Manchester.
The exhibition forms part of the largest digital archive of the creative work related to the Syrian Revolution ( After a long tour in several French cities, Rethink Rebuild Society is proud to bring the exhibition to the UK for the British audience to experience some of the most powerful art works that have been produced by Syrian artists in the context of the Syrian Revolution.
This emotionally stirring selection of works by Syrian artists depicts the uprising of the Syrian people against Bashar al-Assad’s regime and ISIS. Come along and experience the ways in which these Syrian artists-activists have used their creativity and imagination to portray the birth of the revolution, its progression and its fate.

Read what others have said about the exhibition:
‘Very moving, saddening and powerful’
‘Has increased my previously non-existing knowledge of Syrian art and artists’
‘It's made me much more aware of the Syrian creative scene’
‘It has certainly prompted me to think and to look at the art and culture on the website’
‘Fantastic exhibition. Especially enjoyed the range of art’
‘Heart wrenching works, world-class art’
‘Very powerful. Mix of styles which I appreciated (e.g. sculpture, painting). Great descriptive text which brought everything to life’

Event Date: 
Friday, 25 January, 2019
Unit 7, Longsight Business Park
Hamilton Road
M13 0PD