Syrian Conflict in Regional Crises

Syrian Conflict in Regional Crises

This conference represents a critical forum through which policy makers, NGOs, academics and activists, students, and members of the community can together identify and discuss the most appropriate British domestic and international policy towards Syria in light of current research and developments on the ground, specifically the emergence of IS (formerly ISIS) and the impact that this will have on British domestic and international policy, as well as action by the international community.

The conference deliberations will focus on the following themes:

The situation in Syria: misconceptions vs. realities

The emergence of IS (formerly ISIS): British jihadists, media coverage, and national policy

Where is Syria heading? Decoding the future of Syria and the region

Is British policy on the right track?

The role of the international community

Event Date: 
Friday, 17 October, 2014
British Muslim Heritage Centre
College Road
M16 8BP